Customize Older, Newer And Home Blogger Links with an Image or Text

Newer, Older and Home Page links appear on the blogger's layout in a very weird way. These texts are easily customize-able.

customize older, newer, home blogger links
Customize Older, Newer, Home Links

1. These links are customize-able in text, image or animation. So Here's the tutorial:
2. Login with your blogger account.
3. Go to the selected blog>Template>Edit HTML. This will show a message like below:
Direct HTML Update Message
Direct HTML Update Message
4. Click the button Proceed.
5. Backup the HTML Code.
6. Check the "Expand Widget Templates" box.

7. Find in this code the following fragments which corresponds to each page links
<data:newerPageTitle/> represents Newer Posts link
<data:olderPageTitle/> represents Older Posts link
<data:homeMsg/> represents Home link
8. Now you can change this links to your desired text, link or whatever you like.
9. Replace the code <data:newerPageTitle/> with Newer Page Image URL/Text.
10. Replace the code <data:olderPageTitle/> with Older Page Image URL/Text.
11. Replace the code <data:homeMsg/> with Home Page Image URL/Text.

12. Click on "Preview" Button to see the new buttons.
13. Click on "Save" Button to finalize the new look of your blog.

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